Customizer in your browser

We can now offer an application development tool  - a "customizer" - to allow you to build your own Virtual Assistants. The current version is in Beta test - you are free to use it but expect some bugs.

You open the development tool in your browser. Once you close the browser the tool will "disappear". Make sure you save your domain-model before exiting!

Free Domain Models

To facilitate the introduction to customization we provide free domain models:

1. Media selection domain model from the Personal DJ.  This is a small domain model that illustrates the basic functionality of the customizer.

To see implementation of the Personal DJ press here.

2. Enterprise query domain model. This is an advanced model with several tables, complex sql-queries etc. This large domain model illustrate the full functionality of Ergo.

To view the domain models in the customizer, please:

  • Download the domain model(s)
  • Open the Customizer (see link above)
  • In the Customizer click File, Open and browse to where you saved the domain model and select it. 
  • You can now see the domain model in two views - DB mode and Language (Lang) mode. Lang mode show you the entities and their relationships, DB mode show you the tables and columns of the planned database

Press here to download domain models


We do of course appreciate your feed-back - please provide your feed-back via our contacts or FB community.