Dialogue Technologies is a software company specialized within the field of natural language. The company strategy is to provide tools with which customers can build virtual assistants - applications where consumers can ask questions in free format, in their own language. With a natural language interface to knowledge databases, staffing can be reduced in call centers, more applications will be more convenient to use in mobile phones etc.


Dialogue Technologies was founded in 2001 by Dr Gregor Jonsson, Dr Hubert Lehmann, Dr Joakim Ingers and Björn Alsén. Dr Jonson was a specialist in knowledge representation and Dr Lehmann is a specialist in computer linguistics. Together they formulated the principles behind our product Ergo. The Ergo engine draws upon decades of research in artificial intelligence and analyses questions and commands in plain language both syntactically, e.g. is this proper English, and semantically, what is the meaning of this.