The benefits go beyond just savings!

When you implement ERGO as the interface to your customers (customer service) or your employees (help desk) you will experience a number of benefits - beyond the saving of staff:


No more waiting for your customers/employees! A manually operated customer service/help desk is never adequately staffed - if you ask the customers. Long queues are unfortunately common. With ERGO the customers get their issues instantly resolved.


You will gain a detailed understanding exactly what is unclear for your customers/employees or which information that they find most important. With this knowledge, you will be well equipped to adjust your web-page, make changes in terms and conditions etc. etc. - more closely adjust your business to your customers/employee’s needs.


Your savings will be substantial!

In customer service/help desk applications ERGO can provide automated responses via all major channels:


automatically respond to phone calls via a voice operated interface


providing answers via a free-format query window on the web-page


automatically respond to "chat" conversations


The savings accomplished will depend on the amount of incoming traffic, required staffing to provide acceptable service levels and the percent of incoming request that ERGO can handle. The percent of incoming calls that ERGO can handle is a business decision - theoretically all requests could be provided via ERGO but at some point there is "diminishing returns".


In most industrial applications - travel industry, telecom operators, insurance companies, IT help desks - the majority of queries are repetitive - i.e. a relatively small number of queries make up a very large percent of the incoming traffic. When that is the case we have experienced "hit rates" (number of incoming calls that ERGO handles automatically) to reach more than 90% after a second iteration of the domain model (look here for more details). In e.g. local council applications the incoming traffic is more scattered - citizens have very different needs/queries! - why we have found that a hit rate of some 65% is reasonable.


If you can provide us with example of incoming traffic, volume and your current staffing costs we can make an estimate of the investment required to implement ERGO for your business and the estimated pay-back time.


In our experience the pay-back time in most cases is well below 1 year!