Starting point

The insurance company planned a migration to a new personal information management (PIM) system. To ease the burden on the IT helpdesk during the transition, a voice-enabled automated support system was deployed to off-load all repetitive user queries.

Setting up the self-service system.

Before the corporate-wide launch a small pilot was developed. The pilot answered many of the anticipated questions regarding the functionality of the new PIM system. An important purpose with the pilot was to analyse which questions users of the new PIM system actually had. The logs from the pilot revealed that the majority of the questions focussed around the actual transition from the old to the new system. This allowed us to adjust the self-service system to include answers to questions regarding the transition.

Result, experience gained

The transition to the new PIM system went smoothly. The voice-enabled self-service system supported the transition in two ways:

  • Users where better informed before the launch – as we knew which questions they had.
  • All repetitive questions could be handled automatically and the Help-Desk could focus on the more complex problems.



Starting point

A local council experienced rising costs for information that was provided to citizens. Information was mainly provided via a call centre and the council homepage. Efforts to improve on-line information had not given the anticipated savings.

Setting up the service system.

To reduce the pressure on the call centre, a study was conducted on the incoming traffic. A pattern soon emerged – there where a limited number of very frequent questions and a broad range of disparate questions. The focus was then to secure that the frequently requested information was easily retrievable from the council homepage – including a feature where questions could be asked in plain language

Result, experience gained

With the improved web-presence the council experienced decreased incoming traffic to the call centre. Citizens were also grateful that they no longer had to wait in queue to have relatively simple questions resolved. Staff in the call centre also appreciated that they now could focus on more complex issues