We have formulated our terms and conditions such that your risk is minimized:

You are always free to use our products – until they start to generate a commercial value for you. Once your application is launched in a commercial context, we will charge a fraction of the value that we expect will arise.

Those who do not plan a commercial application but still want to build a free  Ergo-based application, will fall under free and open source rules

Terms and Conditions

Under the free and open source rules you will get free access to our grammar development tools, grammars, application development tools, applications and code templates. With these tools and examples you will be in a position to develop new grammars, improve existing grammars and rapidly build new applications. You can experiment and use the Ergo platform to suit your needs. In return we are entitled to use the grammars and applications that you build, including them in our offering – unleashing the power of our user community to improve the offering over time.

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial use

You are free to develop and deploy an application for

  • personal and/or
  • non-commercial use

subject to the terms and conditions in our Free License Agreement. If you plan a commercial application you are still free to use our software during development and testing (before a commercial launch).

Please review our Freeware License Agreement

Commercial use

Commercial use , as set out in the license agreement, includes any application used in a commercial environment or any application from which commercial value is derived. Ergo can be run on a server as a hosted service. For this you need a server license. Ergo can also be embedded in other products - cars, mobile phones, software products, etc. For these applications you need a volume license.



Server license

priser, server 2


The Ergo module can be integrated into Linux/Android and Microsoft plattforms - even on platforms with a small footprint. On large volume applications - > 10 000 - a price per unit will be negotiated. For small batches the following prices apply:

1 000: €10 per unit produced

10 000: €8 per unit produced

For further information, contact us.



Our ambition is to make you able to use Ergo independently with as little efforts as possible. However, we are happy to support you in the development and maintenance of your applications. We can offer:


Introduction to domain modelling – customized webinar:   €2000

Support domain modelling:   €100/hour

Maintenance of domain model (log-function required):  €100/hour


For further information, contact us.