Include Natural Language Query capability into your software offering (ERP, CRM, game etc.)

ERGO gives you the opportunity to provide easy access to individually tailored information – just ask about the information hidden in your systems databases!


ERP-system, CRM-system

Your ERP and CRM system probably contains massive amounts of data – and generates standard reports for follow-up. But what about the ad-hoc queries:

“which suppliers have been late with their deliveries this week?”

“are there any products that has been out-o-stock for more than two weeks?”

“is there any customers that has bought for more than $xxx this week?”

“etc., etc.”

With ERGO all authorized users can find exactly what they need – when they need it and without expert assistance!



With a game you can e.g. provide a virtual partner that will reply to in-game queries:

"which powers do I get with weapon xyz?"

"how do jump over this obstacle?"